LIPO VITAMINE Forte 5000 oil 20 ml

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LIPO VITAMINE Forte 5000 oil 20 ml

LipoVitamine Forte 5000 Oil
Vitamin D3, E, K, A - supports the immune system and protects the cells from oxidative stress *

LipoVitamine Forte 5000 has a high vitamin D3 content (5,000 IU) for a healthy immune system. It also contains the fat-soluble vitamins E, K2 (MK7, all-trans) and A as well as high-quality, purely vegetable MCT coconut oil as a carrier molecule to increase the absorption of vitamins.

The high proportion of vitamin D3 supports normal calcium / phosphate homeostasis in the blood in order to keep muscle functions as well as bone and tooth substance healthy. The combination of the fat-soluble vitamins D and A contributes to the normal function of the immune system and also plays a role in cell division and specialization. Vitamin E supports the cells in protecting them from oxidative stress. The contained vitamins A also contribute to the health of the skin and mucous membranes and to the maintenance of normal eyesight.

The practical pipette integrated in the lid enables precise dosing to be dropped, so that you can easily take the desired amount.

LIPO VITAMINE Forte 5000 oil Ingredients:

Medium-chain triglyceride MCT oil made from coconut oil, cholecalciferol, da- tocopherols, retinol, MK7 all-trans Bacillus subtilis Natto.


LIPO VITAMINE Forte 5000 oil Recommended intake:


1 drop (5,000 IU vitamin D3) every 5 days. Consumption during a meal is ideal.

NatuGena products are manufactured in Germany according to the EN ISO 9001, GMP and HACCP standards.