LIPOBASE cream 30g, cetomacrogol 1000


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  • LIPOBASE cream has moisturizing and oiling properties. Increases moisture and hydration of the dried skin and increases its resistance to external factors (eg detergents, wind or sun).

Composition LIPOBASE:
White soft paraffin, distilled water, liquid paraffin, cetostearyl alcohol, cetomacrogol 1000, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, citric acid, sodium citrate

LIPOBASE is a product that combines the action of cream and ointment. It is an oil / water suspension (O / W), characterized by a high content of oily liquids (70%) suspended in a small amount of water (30%). As a result, the outer shell of the product is a water layer (similar to a cream), and the ratio of oil to water (70% and 30% respectively) is typical for ointments. It clearly increases the level of hydration and greasing of the skin. Responsible for restoring proper hydration of the skin LIPOBASE definitely limits dryness and keratolization of the skin. Limits skin exposure to the negative impact of environmental factors. The cream does not leave stains on clothing and spreads well on the skin.

Contraindications LIPOBASE:
- allergy to the constituent substances of the product

LIPOBASE Indications:
It is recommended to use the cream as part of daily care and protection of dry skin prone to the formation of irritation. The product can be used to prepare prescription dermatological agents (as an inert excipient).

Directions for use LIPOBASE:
Apply topically. Spray a small amount of the cream on clean and dried skin. Repeat the operation if necessary.