LipoSlimmer, extract of cayenne pepper, cola seeds, green tea leaves

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LipoSlimmer x 60 tablets, extract of cayenne pepper, cola seeds, green tea leaves

Support for maintaining a healthy weight dedicated to adults - LipoSlimmer dietary supplement. The preparation contains such ingredients as extract of cayenne pepper, cola seeds and green tea leaves.

LipoSlimmer, extract of cayenne pepper, cola seeds, green tea leaves ingredients:

Bulking agent: microcrystalline cellulose, cola seed extract, green tea leaf extract, cayenne pepper extract, yerba mate extract, Malabar tamarind peel extract, bulking agent: polyvinylpyrrolidone, coating ingredients (glazing agent: hydroxyulylmethyl) dye: titanium dioxide, stabilizer: polyethylene glycol, bulking agent: cellulose, anti-caking agent: talc, emulsifier: polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate), stabilizing agent: sodium carboxymethylcellulose, anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide.

The content of ingredients in one tablet, extract of cayenne pepper, cola seeds, green tea leaves / in two tablets:shiny cola seed extract - 100mg, including: caffeine - 10mg / 200mg, including: caffeine - 20mg; Cayenne pepper fruit extract - 30mg / 60mg, Holly leaf extract - 25mg, including: caffeine - 1mg / 50mg, including: caffeine - 2mg; Malabar tamarind extract - 15mg, including: hydroxycitric acid - 9mg / 30mg, including: hydroxycitric acid - 18mg; Green Tea Leaf Extract - 50mg / 100mg.

LipoSlimmer, extract of cayenne pepper, cola seeds, green tea leaves operation:

Dietary supplement LipoSlimmer is recommended as a dietary supplement for people who want to take care of maintaining a healthy weight. The preparation contains a composition of natural plant extracts, which include support fat burning. Shiny cola seeds support fat metabolism, which helps to ensure faster and intense burning. Cayenne pepper is a source of capsaicin. It helps reduce body weight, because it increases the metabolic rate and helps suppress appetite. Paraguayan holly has an antioxidant effect, supports the distribution of lipids, helps maintain proper body weight. Malabar tamarind helps to reduce appetite, supports the process of fat metabolism and limits the conversion of sugars into fats. Green tea extract helps cleanse the body of toxins and supports protection against the harmful effects of free radicals.

LipoSlimmer dietary supplement intended for use as a supplement to the daily diet of adults with ingredients that support maintaining a healthy weight.

Additional information:
Dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute, i.e. a replacement for a varied diet. Maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is important. The product should be stored out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the dietary supplement. Do not use in children and during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How to use LipoSlimmer, extract of cayenne pepper, cola seeds, green tea leaves tablets:

Recommended daily dose: two tablets. Take one tablet twice a day. It is recommended to use during a meal or just after it. Drink with water. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.