Liquid vitamins for toddlers, MAGMIL BIO SPECIAL KIDS Liquid 150ml


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  • Liquid vitamins for toddlers. MAGMIL BIO SPECIAL KIDS is a dietary supplement, responsible for increasing the psychophysical efficiency of the child. It contributes to improving concentration and thought processes and alleviating irritability.

100 g syrup contains: Magnesium 0.443 g, Vitamin B6 0.013 g. liquid vitamins for toddlers.

Dietary supplement created for the proper functioning of the children's nervous system. It consists of magnesium, which supports the normalization of the electrolyte economy and contributes to the maintenance of good bone and dental and muscular tissue. Takes part in protein synthesis and cell division process. Vitamin B6 positively affects the work of the immune system, which increases the body's resistance to bacteria or viruses. It is an essential ingredient during the formation of red blood cells and necessary for the proper synthesis of cysteine ​​and homocysteine ​​metabolism. Contributes to the correction of hormonal activity and supports the metabolism of protein and glycogen. Thanks to the use of the preparation, children are less tired and attention and thinking are much easier.

- allergy to the ingredients of the product

Serve children over 3 years of age in the case of excessive irritability, nervous tension, problems with concentration and memorization.

Directions for use:
Use after oral administration after dilution. Children from 3 to 8 years of age give 5 ml x 3 / 24h. Children over 8 years of age, adolescents and adults give 10 ml x 2 / 24h.