LISTERINE Stay White liquid 250ml

Johnson & Johnson

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  • LISTERINE Stay White reduces the amount of plaque to a greater extent than brushing your teeth, prevents tartar and helps you to keep your teeth whiter.
  • the formula of the liquid contains natural oils: eucalyptus, thymol and menthol, and zinc chloride, which counteracts the plaque's crystallization into tartar, thanks to which the teeth retain their natural whiteness
  • removes up to 99.9% * of bacteria in the mouth
  • prevents the unpleasant smell from the mouth and leaves fresh breath for a long time
  • even with long-term use it does not cause tooth discoloration and dental fillings and does not change the natural bacterial flora of the mouth
  • perfect for people wearing fixed braces, because it reaches hard to reach places and prevents demineralisation of enamel