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LOCASTAD sore throat cure, remedy, remedies

STADA Consumer Health Deutschland GmbH

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LOCASTAD sore throat cure, remedy, remedies

Pack size:24 pc Dosage form:Lozenges

Locastad ® against sore throat 2 mg / 0.6 mg / 1.2 mg orange flavor lozenges

For use in adults and adolescents over 12 years.

Active ingredients: lidocaine hydrochloride, amylmetacresol, 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol.

Locastad is used in adults and adolescents over 12 years of age for the local relief of the symptoms of sore throats. If you don't feel better or even worse after 2 days, contact your doctor. Contains sunset yellow S, Ponceau 4R, levomenthol, glucose and sucrose (sugar).

For LOCASTAD sore throat cure, remedy, remedies information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
STADA Consumer Health Deutschland GmbH, Stadastraße 2–18, 61118 Bad Vilbel

LOCASTAD sore throat cure, remedy, remedies:

Locastad (R) - the quick relief for sore throats!
- 3 times stronger thanks to a combination of 3 active ingredients that is unique in Germany.
- free of antibiotics
- In two pleasant flavors: Orange and Honey & Lemon
- Our tip: Locastad (R) is a meaningful addition to your medicine cabinet

when it comes to the effect of drugs, the saying has a clearly defined opinion: what tastes good can just don't work. But is that really true? At least on the subject of sore throats, Locastad® against sore throats from STADA is now proving the opposite.
A sudden itchy throat, feeling of dryness or burning in the throat, discomfort when swallowing or pain in the throat area - if you suffer from these symptoms, the Locastad lozenges could be a quick help. On the one hand, a quick relief of the symptoms and a fight against the bacteria and viruses is achieved - on the other hand, the lozenges are also pleasant to the taste.

Unique combination of 3 active ingredients
Thanks to its active ingredient composition of lidocaine, amylmetacresol and dichlorobenzyl alcohol, which is unique in Germany, Locastad® quickly combats pain and the viruses and bacteria responsible for it against sore throats. Lidocaine is a well-tolerated, topical surface anesthetic that blocks the voltage-dependent sodium channels in the cell membranes of nerve cells. This interrupts the transmission of pain information via the nerve cells and topical pain is relieved particularly quickly. Amylmetacresol and dichlorobenzyl alcohol are active ingredients from the group of antiseptics and have an antibacterial and antiviral effect against bacteria, viruses and fungi. In combination, these three active ingredients complement each other in their effects.

LOCASTAD sore throat cure, remedy, remedies. More tips for a sore throat!
• Drink a lot!
So that the irritated mucous membranes stay moist and do not dry out, your customers should drink a lot if they have a sore throat. Sage tea, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, or hot milk with honey are ideal for this.
• Suck sweets!
Sucking candy forms saliva, which also moisturizes the mucous membranes and forms a protective film.
• Gargle regularly!
Regular gargling with saline solutions can also moisten the mucous membranes and throat.
• Consult a doctor!
If the symptoms of your customers do not improve after 3 days, they should definitely consult a doctor, as bacterial pathogens can also be responsible for the sore throat and treatment with antibiotics is required.