LOGIQ, Bacopa monnieri, Gotu-Kola, Brahmi

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Bacopa monnieri, Gotu-Kola, Brahmi, LOGIQ x 60 capsules

  • LOGIQ is a natural dietary supplement that supports the function of the nervous system, and most of all learning processes. Furthermore, it improves memory and concentration.

LogIQ (LN) is a dietary supplement containing plant extracts that support concentration and intellectual performance. It is recommended primarily to students and people working in professions requiring high intellectual efficiency. Bacopa monnieri leaf extract present in the preparation has a positive effect on learning and memory processes, supports concentration and memory. Centella asiatica herb helps to maintain cognitive functions.

The Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) plant is a small creeping-climbing plant with small leaves, blooms with small light pink flowers. Its main area of ​​occurrence is India.

The Centella asiatica (Gotu-Kola) plant is a slender creeping perennial. Gotu-Kola has a positive effect on blood circulation and supports memory. It has been called "brain food" for centuries.


Composition LOGIQ, Bacopa monnieri, Gotu-Kola, Brahmi:

1 capsule: extract from the leaves of Bacopa monnieri 310 mg extract of the herb Centella asiatica 155 mg, magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule of plant origin).


Action LOGIQ, Bacopa monnieri, Gotu-Kola, Brahmi:

The preparation is characterized by a complex composition of natural origin, which contributes to the functioning of the nervous system. First of all, a positive effect on cognitive function. It enhances memory and improves the efficiency of the processes of learning and concentration.

It is recommended to use the product in case of increased intellectual activity - pupils, students or people working mentally.


Dosage LOGIQ, Bacopa monnieri, Gotu-Kola, Brahmi:

Take 1 capsule. X 2/24.