Lose weight fast, best slimming aids, FORMOLINE L112 Extra

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FORMOLINE L112 Extra Tablets Value Pack, Lose weight fast, best slimming aids

pack size:192 pcs Dosage form:tablets

When losing weight, trust the slimming aid that has been tried and tested a million times

Lose weight fast, best slimming aids, FORMOLINE L112 Extra:

Lose weight fast, best slimming aids, FORMOLINE L112 Extra

over. formoline L112 is a lipid binder/fat binder to support the treatment of obesity, for weight control and to reduce calorie intake from food. formoline L112 has been proven to work, is very well tolerated and has already received several awards from doctors and pharmacists. formoline L112 was voted slimming product of the year for the 10th time in 2017 (source: "Der Deutsche Apotheker", OTC-Verlag) and is the market leader in the field of "products for weight loss" in pharmacies (source: IMS Pharma Trend Mai 2017). Clinical studies and millions of satisfied users worldwide confirm its success.

Lose weight fast, best slimming aids, FORMOLINE L112 Extra:

Lose weight fast, best slimming aids, FORMOLINE L112 Extra

Your extra strong calorie magnet
formoline L112 EXTRA is a further development of the proven L112 and contains 50% more of the highly effective active dietary fiber L112. It was specially developed for overweight people over 75 kg, since the volume of food consumed increases with increasing body weight. Here formoline L112 EXTRA can now support weight loss even more.


Lose weight fast, best slimming aids, FORMOLINE L112 Extra Lose weight with extra strong attraction

The special thing about formoline L112 is its strong fat-binding power. This saves you a lot of calories every day.

  • 1. The unique active dietary fiber L112 from natural sources acts like a strong calorie magnet and binds a large part of the ingested dietary fats in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • 2 The bound fat calories are no longer available to the body.
  • 3 The melting of the excess pounds - also on the stomach, legs and buttocks - is accelerated.

formoline L112 is proven
to work With formoline L112 you can lose more weight than with a normal diet alone. The effectiveness of formoline L112 has been clinically proven. In addition, the quality of L112 is strictly monitored and regularly checked. With every intake of formoline L112 it is guaranteed that the promised product performance will be fulfilled.

formoline L112 is very well tolerated. formoline L112 is a product of natural origin. The fiber L112 is obtained from the shells of crustaceans. Due to its very good compatibility, formoline L112 is suitable for long-term use.

Healthy weight loss with formoline L112
In order to achieve sustainable weight loss success and avoid the yo-yo effect, we recommend gradually reducing your body weight by around 0.5 kilograms per week using formoline L112. At the same time, you should ensure a fat-normalized diet (60-80 grams of fat per day) and regular, light exercise.

Lose weight fast, best slimming aids, FORMOLINE L112 Extra, formoline L112 is easy to use

formoline L112 is easy and practical to use. The recommendation for losing weight is: take 2 tablets of formoline L112 daily with a large glass of water with the two main meals with the highest fat content. With consistent use, with a conscious diet and light exercise, the body sheds excess pounds. This is how you achieve the optimal effect. Egel whether on the go or at home. The formoline tablet blister is ideal for taking with you and allows for discreet use in the office, restaurant, with friends....

Simply clever Lose weight - with formoline L112
Achieve your desired weight without a strict diet and without having to eat delicious food. Start now.