LOVI Bottle 330ml Active sucking 21/561, baby bottles


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  • LOVI Bottle Active sucking is a medical device that allows the active muscles of the lips and tongue newborn or infant during breastfeeding. It does not cause disturbances sucking reflex.

polypropylene (without bisphenol A)

LOVI bottle sucking Active is also available in other capacities (150 ml and 250 ml). Developed specifically for the safety of the child fed natural method. Medical research confirms that it does not disturb the sucking reflex. The bottle is made ​​of polypropylene (without the addition of harmful bisphenol A). Accompanied by her professional dynamic teat, which is composed of heterogeneous layers of silicone. It has a thin, dynamic tip crosslinkable elongation and contraction in the sucking child and hard, contoured base. This design requires a pacifier sucking baby active, equally strong muscular activity of the lips and tongue as in the case of breastfeeding. LOVI bottle Active suction is synchronized with laktatorami Prolactis and Protect. It is characterized by a profiled shape, which makes it convenient to hold the bottle. Thanks to the innovative system venting SUPER vent reduces the risk of colic.

It is recommended to use a bottle for feeding babies and infants from the first days of their lives, it is best to feed your breast milk.

How to use:
Before first use it is recommended to thoroughly wash bottle (preferably scalded in hot water).