LOVI glass bottle of Diamond Glass 250ml 74/200, baby bottles


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  • LOVI glass bottle of Diamond Glass through dynamic smoczkowi allows safe feeding without the disorder sucking reflex. It should be in every child's dowry.

borosilicate glass (BPA 0%)

LOVI glass bottle of Diamond Glass is equipped with a dynamic teat of heterogeneous layers of silicone. This way does not cause disturbances sucking reflex. It is safe for the natural process of breastfeeding. Dynamic tip of the teat shrinks and increases the sucking child. As a result, drinking milk is associated with an effort similar to what the child has to take while breastfeeding. Pacifier in his collar has a lens venting. This element prevents mixing of the air with the food. This reduces the risk of colic. The bottle is made ​​of natural materials (boron-silicon glass). This construction makes it durable and resistant to damage and scratches. LOVI glass bottle of Diamond Glass is synchronized with laktatorami Prolactis and Protect. Perfectly keeps food warm and protects his cool. The kit comes in addition to the bottle: pacifier LOVI mini (0m +) SUPERvent, sealing disc, nut and cup for drinking.

The bottle is recommended to be used for feeding infants and infants from the first days of their lives.

How to use:
Before first use it is recommended to thoroughly wash bottle (preferably scalded in hot water).