LOVI Indian Summer dynamic teether (3-6 months) x 2 pieces 22/856 boy


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When choosing products for a child, you pay attention to their quality and functionality, the appearance is just an addition. What if you had everything? It is possible with the Lovi Indian Summer dynamic teether with a version for boys with Indian motifs.

LOVI Indian Summer dynamic teether Included: pacifier: 2 pieces; nipple cover: 2 pieces; capsule for hygienic storage of teats.

LOVI Indian Summer dynamic teether Operation and application:
The perfect teat for babies aged 3 to 6 months! The Lovi Indian Summer dynamic teether meets all the expectations of parents and children who are eager to suckle it. Doctors and neurologists were involved in the development of the pacifier in order to create a product that does not disturb the sucking reflex, does not cause speech and bite defects and inhibits the bite reflex. In addition, the unique design means that the nipple does not interfere with breathing and swallowing saliva. Among other nipples, this by Lovi is distinguished by a shape that imitates a nipple and a dynamic rubber, i.e. heterogeneous silicone that is subject to the baby's sucking movements. It is impossible not to mention the profiled shield with holes, a handy grip ring and a hygienic cover.

Additional information:
Without bisphenol A. Keep the product out of the reach of children, at room temperature.