LOVI Medical + 150ml bottle 59/213 close as possible to the effect of breastfeeding


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  • Lovi Medical + is a modern, high-quality bottle with a dynamic teat, through which food intake by the baby will be as close as possible to the effect of breastfeeding. The bottle has an innovative venting system that prevents wheels.

In the production of the bottle raw material was used PA, containing no bisnenolu A glass clear, resistant to damage and high temperature during sterilization.

It was improved venting system that eliminates mixing of the feed air in the bottle during the suction, thereby reducing the risk of colic.Components:

  • Bottle LOVI MEDICAL + 150 ml
  • Dynamic teat LOVI mini (0 + m)
  • Soft sealing disc
  • Nut
  • Hood / cup with scale