LOVI Mug 360 Mini green with handles 210ml 1/523


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LOVI Mug 360 Mini green with handles is distinguished by its attractive appearance and innovative action. Drinking from this cup is very similar to drinking from a glass, but it does not involve spilling liquid.

LOVI Mug 360 Mini Action:
LOVI Mug 360 Mini green with handles is an innovative product that facilitates the transition from the suction phase of the liquid from the training cup / non-spill to the stage of drinking from a glass. Its advantages have been recognized by many parents. The products were awarded to Consumer Laurel 2010 in the "Discovery of the Year" category. It has a modern sealing system that acclimates children to the natural way of drinking. However, its use does not involve the spilling of liquid. It is worth noting, however, that its intense shaking may cause leakage of individual drops of the drink. It does not function as a non-spill cup - it teaches the child how to control their movements. The 360 ​​° nut makes it easy to suck in fluid from anywhere around the edge. Thanks to the profiled, non-slip grips, the child can hold the cup firmly. SteriTouch antibacterial protection combines natural, antibacterial properties of silver and promotes a significant reduction in the number of bacteria. LOVI Mug 360 Mini green with handles is recommended for children over 9 months of age.

LOVI Mug 360 Mini Indications:
Mug used in children over 9 months of age as a product supporting the learning of independent and natural drinking.

Use according to the manufacturer's instructions included with the product. Before first use, the cup should be washed thoroughly (preferably brewed).