LOVI self-sterilizing Bottle 150ml 21/573, baby bottles


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  • Lovi cap can be sterilized bottle and all of its parts in the microwave in just 90 seconds. To cap pour the right amount of water, put it in all the parts, cover the bottle and put in the microwave.

After a while the bottle is ready for feeding.

Dynamic teat:

  • stimulates the child to active feeding (as during breast feeding)
  • stimulates correct breathing through the nose
  • supports the natural development of the bite
  • supports the development of speech
  • It allows you to connect bottle feeding with breastfeeding
  • reduces the likelihood of colic

The specially designed cap Lovi used to sterilize bottles

Set contains:

  • Lovi bottle
  • Lovi dynamic teat silicone, mini, 0m +
  • soft sealing disc
  • nut
  • cap to be sterilized in a microwave oven
  • pliers

Thanks to the innovative, patented technology of heterogeneous layers of silicone, dynamic teat, like mother's breast, constantly modifies / extends its shape during feeding, adjusting to the rhythm and suction the baby.

The patented system of internal projections in a dynamic teat (designed on the model of tubular lactation) regulates the flow of food and stimulates the infant to active feeding.

The broad base of the teat supports the natural development of the bite and counteracts biting the nipple during breastfeeding.