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LOWCARB.ONE 3K protein shake dark chocolate 360 g

Layenberger Nutrition Group GmbH

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Layenberger 3K protein shakes LOWCARB powder
taste dark chocolate

Ideal for sporting and fitness activities:

together with water, protein forms the largest part of human muscle mass. It is a nutrient that consists of a chain of amino acids that is involved in numerous metabolic functions in the human body. Protein is an important control element for the entire organism and is essential for building muscle. In the case of an unbalanced diet, but especially with intensive physical activity or fitness activity, the daily protein requirement can increase considerably. In such situations, nutritionists recommend meeting this additional protein requirement with high-quality protein concentrates.

A balanced ratio of muscle mass and fat is important for our body to feel as good as possible. In this context we speak of body balance. Physical activity, such as jogging or aerobics, helps significantly to tighten (bodyforming) and improve (body shape). Here, too, additional protein requirements arise very quickly, which can be optimally and quickly achieved by consuming high-quality protein concentrates such as the Layenberger 3K protein shakes. By the way, make sure you have a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. This high-quality 3-component protein is a Layenberger quality product, gluten-free, strictly controlled and "Made in Germany".

The Layenberger 3K protein shakes are based on the latest scientific findings and finely tuned, modern recipes. The high Chemical Score values ​​are achieved through the use of very high quality whey, milk and soy proteins, enriched with vitamin B6 and calcium. Due to their balanced composition, they are also particularly suitable for the best possible regeneration of muscles before and after training, easily digestible and deliciously tasty.

Layenberger 3K protein shakes LOWCARB powder:
Body Balance
Body forming
Body Shape
gluten free
product of the Cologne list
with vitamin B6
plus calcium

Layenberger 3K protein shakes LOWCARB powder preparation:
Prepare three level measuring spoons (30 g) of powder with 300 ml of cold, low-fat milk (1.5% fat) in a handshaker or mixer (approx. 20 seconds).
The shake becomes particularly tasty when ice cubes are added in the blender.

Layenberger 3K protein shakes LOWCARB powder Consumption recommendation:
During exertion (heavy physical work, stress, etc.) and normal sporting activity, 1–2 servings a day, eg with breakfast and in between. For endurance sports (long-distance running, long-distance swimming, cross-country skiing, etc.) 2 servings a day, one of which at least 1 hour before training. For weight training (judo, karate, gymnastics, all-around, high and long jump, bodybuilding, etc.) 2–3 servings a day, with normal meals, up to 2 hours before and after training.