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Lower back pain, upper back pain, THERMOPAD heat belt

Dr. Dagmar Lohmann pharma + medical GmbH

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THERMOPAD heat belt, Lower back pain, upper back pain

Air-activated heat belt for soothing relaxation through deep heat for up to 12 hours.
Unobtrusive and comfortable thanks to the stretch belt - even when you're on the move.

Iron powder, salt, activated carbon, water and vermiculite

Heat duration up to 12 hours
Shelf life up to 3 years, can be used once
Disposable item Disposal with residual waste
Product dimensions Stretch material - size S - XL, 175 x 140

Safety instructions
The maximum heat of 48° C can be perceived as hot and, if used excessively and especially on uncovered skin, can cause pinpoint burns and skin irritation. Older people in particular should wear the heat belt over thin clothing if necessary. Not suitable for medical use. Do not use on swollen, injured, frostbitten, sensitive skin or circulation problems. Do not use on pregnant women, diabetics, children under 6 years or while sleeping. Do not reheat or reuse. If you experience skin reactions, burns, swelling or feel uncomfortable, remove the warmer. Do not bring contents (powder) into contact with eyes, mouth or skin. If the powder is swallowed or inhaled, irritation of the respiratory system is possible. If necessary, consult a doctor.

Lower back pain, upper back pain, THERMOPAD heat belt