LOYON for scaly skin diseases PSORIASIS treatment

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LOYON for scaly skin diseases PSORIASIS treatment

LOYON ® solution Dissolves dandruff - gently and effectively Dandruff and crusts on the skin not only affect the external appearance, but also often create a feeling of tension and itching - for people with scaly skin diseases such as psoriasis or seborrheic eczema this is often an enormous burden. LOYON ® provides a gentle dandruff solution . It has a purely physical effect and is also suitable for sensitive skin. By removing the annoying scales, the complexion normalizes, symptoms such as itching are relieved and the subsequent treatment can develop its effect better. Easy to use for a pleasant skin feeling • Does not burn, does not stick, does not smell.

• Free of preservatives, colorings and fragrances
• Also suitable for babies and pregnant women

LOYON for scaly skin diseases PSORIASIS treatment Skin-friendly active principle - purely physical

LOYON ® contains dicaprylyl carbonate and dimethicone. This combination is the basis of the special mode of action: The liquid solution has a low surface tension and therefore spreads particularly well and evenly. In this way, LOYON ® gets under as well as between the individual flakes and softens them. The cohesion of the horny cells is reduced and scales and crusts detach easily and gently from the underlying skin layer. The effect is purely mechanical, without the ingredients being absorbed by the skin. This is LOYON ®well tolerated and can also be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding and babies.

LOYON for scaly skin diseases PSORIASIS treatment Easy to use with a spray head or pipette

LOYON ® is particularly easy to apply and has a pleasant, liquid consistency. Both a pipette and a spray head are included, so that LOYON ® can be applied particularly comfortably depending on the area of ​​the body and the extent of the dandruff. Pipette Targeted application on small areas of skin and on the hairy scalp. Spray head Fast and even application on large areas of skin. RECOMMENDED USE: 1 Wear LOYON 

Use the spray head or pipette on the dry, flaky skin area and massage it in gently.

2 Leave LOYON ® on for at least three hours or longer - for example overnight. 3 Wash off LOYON ® with a mild washing lotion or a mild shampoo. 4 You can repeat the application of LOYON ® as often as required. As a rule, an application once a day for 3 to 7 days is sufficient. 


A characteristic symptom of psoriasis are reddened, inflamed areas of the skin that are covered with silvery-white scales. Often, severe itching is also associated with the chronic inflammatory skin disease. The gentle dandruff solution with LOYON ® can make a significant contribution to the well-being of psoriasis. In addition to improving the skin's feel, the skin is also prepared for further treatment: it can breathe and is sensitive to creams and UV light. LOYON ® can even be used comfortably on the scalp .


The recurring skin changes of seborrheic eczema are particularly evident in clearly visible areas: the hairy scalp, the forehead, the eyebrows as well as the nose and chin area. As a result, the sebum, yellowish scales and crusts are often perceived as particularly stressful. Whether it's the face or the hairy scalp: With LOYON ® , dandruff can be removed easily and effectively, thereby improving the complexion. In addition, creams can get better on the skin and work more effectively.

 If a baby has flaky skin symptoms, an effective, but above all gentle and tolerable way of relieving dandruff is required to help him. LOYON ® fulfills exactly these requirements

when it comes to removing dandruff from gneiss and cradle cap. Regardless of whether it is used for aesthetic reasons on head gneiss or because of more severe impairments from cradle cap, the gentle dandruff removal is possible from the first month of life.

LOYON for scaly skin diseases PSORIASIS treatment BABIES & CHILDREN
LOYON ® is even suitable for babies and toddlers. It has a purely physical effect and does not interfere with the metabolic processes in the body. LOYON ® does not stick or burn, is odorless, contains no perfumes, preservatives or dyes and is therefore particularly well tolerated by sensitive baby skin.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, all products that are used are concerned with the well-being of both the mother and the baby. In this sensitive phase of life, LOYON ® can easily help with gentle dandruff removal . Since it does not interfere with the metabolism, no ingredients are transferred to the unborn child or into breast milk.

The hairy scalp is a great challenge for dandruff removal and care. LOYON ® is a thin liquid solution that can be easily applied to the scalp with the pipette. It is very economical, spreads very well without sticking, and can be easily rinsed out again.
The ideal supplement for the care of dry and itchy scalps is LOYON ® Care. The dexpanthenol contained in the oil-free fluid relieves itching and supports the regeneration of irritated skin.

LOYON for scaly skin diseases PSORIASIS treatment FREQUENT QUESTIONS & ANSWERS
Which ingredients does LOYON ® contain ?
LOYON ® contains a combination of dicaprylyl carbonate and dimethicones. It is free from preservatives, colors and fragrances.

Does LOYON ® have side effects?
Since LOYON ® works purely physically and does not interfere with the metabolism, there are only seldom side effects. The tolerance is very good, the risk of undesirable skin reactions is low.

From what age can LOYON ® be used?
LOYON ® can be used from the first month of life.

Can LOYON ® be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Yes, LOYON ® works purely physically. Its use does not transfer any ingredients to the unborn child or into breast milk.

Is it possible to use it over a longer period of time?
Yes, LOYON ® is particularly kind to the skin and well tolerated. It can be used over a longer period of time and also repeatedly, if necessary even several times a day. LOYON ® is also suitable for large areas of skin .

What is the difference between LOYON ® and LOYON ® Care?
LOYON ® is a means of releasing dandruff. It works purely physically by getting under the scales and peeling them off. LOYON ® is used for scaly skin diseases, e.g. B. psoriasis, seborrheic eczema, cradle cap or gneiss.

LOYON ® Care is a fluid for basic skin care. It protects and cares for the skin, is moisturizing, oil-free and is quickly absorbed. This makes LOYON ® Care particularly suitable for hairy areas of the body (eg the scalp) as well as for places where oily creams can be uncomfortable.