LUFFA COMPOSITUM nasal drops 20ml aerosol


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  • HEEL LUFFA COMPOSITUM is one of the homeopathic preparations used nasally in the form of nasal drops, which alleviates hay-related symptoms.

Luffa operculata D4, Luffa operculata D12, Luffa operculata D30, Thryallis glauca D4, Thryallis glauca D12, Thryallis glauca D30, Histaminum D12, Histaminum D30, Histaminum D200, Sulfur D12, Sulfur D30, Sulfur D200

A homeopathic preparation used intranasally in the form of drops, which thanks to the unique composition acts as an auxiliary to the functioning of the nasal mucosa. Its reception allows to relieve the symptoms of hay fever.

Indications: The
product is intended for use in the case of hay fever.

Apply nasally, usually 1-2 doses to each nostril x 3-5 / 24h. For children under 6 years of age, give 1 dose x 3-4 / 24h.