LUVOS Heilerde imutox powder 380 g

Healing earth company Luvos Just GmbH & Co. KG

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Powder for ingestion

LUVOS Heilerde imutox powder Application areas:

To support the organism in detoxifying the body by binding pollutants and environmental toxins from food.

As a mineral catalyst, it breaks down free radicals from food.

For the supportive treatment of food intolerance caused by histamine intolerance.

Natural detoxification, deacidification and active protection against free radicals

Luvos healing earth can actively counteract dangerous substances such as heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury and cesium) and plasticizers (phthalates). In addition, Luvos healing earth imutox protects the body against oxidative stress caused by free radicals. These findings were shown using the most modern methods and in collaboration with specialized research institutes.

Luvos detox products for internal cleansing and a healthy body

Numerous studies have shown that harmful substances and environmental toxins damage the organism and can even render cells inoperable. Fatigue, poor resilience, physical and mental performance deficits or a weakened immune system can be the consequences. Luvos healing earth imutox supports the organism in defending against harmful substances and relieves it in a targeted manner. In addition to regular use, it is also recommended for fasting cures. Because when fasting, the toxins stored in the fatty tissue are released and can be reliably discharged with the healing earth.

Food intolerance caused by histamine intolerance

In the case of histamine intolerance, the breakdown of the histamine ingested with food is disturbed. This intolerance can cause reddening of the skin, itching, a blocked or runny nose or gastrointestinal disorders. Luvos healing earth imutox can bind histamines and other biogenic amines from food and so significantly alleviate the symptoms.

LUVOS Heilerde imutox powder Active ingredient: healing earth

Due to natural air sifting and specific selection, the ice age loess for Luvos healing earth imutox has special binding properties and a protective catalytic effect against oxidative stress. Luvos healing earth acts as a mineral catalyst in the gastrointestinal tract and breaks down free radicals until the healing earth is excreted from the body - without any known side effects.