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Lyme disease test x 1 - Lyme Disease Diagnosis


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  • Lyme test is a test for home use, so that it is possible to carry out the testing of the blood threatening the health of Borrelia bacteria carried by ticks. Reliability of the test at the laboratory level!

The test pack contains:
Slip x 1 piece
Solvent x 1 piece

Aluminum closed bag containing:
Test plate x 1 piece
Plastic pipette x 1 piece

The Lyme Test is a home-based test that allows you to conduct a simple and painless antibody test against Borrelia in 10 minutes alone and without the need to visit the analytical laboratory. The test is not complicated to use, and you only need a few drops of blood to get the result. The test is very effective with regard to the result - Reliability at the laboratory level! Borrelia is the cause of an increasingly common disease called Lyme disease. These bacteria rapidly and aggressively attack the connective, muscular and nervous tissues of the human, causing many ailments completely reminiscent of completely different diseases and poorly treated.

The Lyme Test allows early detection of IgM antibodies: Immunoglobulin M, which can be detected between 2-4 weeks after tick bite. Detection of infection at this early stage allows for proper treatment and avoid complications.

Wash hands thoroughly before testing. Then remove the test plate, lancet and buffer fluid from the package. Then rupture the protective bag (starting from the incision) and remove the test equipment and pipette - the bag with the desiccant is thrown away! The lance activates by pushing the protruding tip inward - a clear click means the lancing device activates. Turn over and detach the protruding tip. Massage your finger to improve blood circulation at the tip, then wash your finger with alcohol and use a puncture device (the exact instruction - also pictured in the test package). Blood should be taken by pipette. The blood collected from the pipette should be placed in the test sample hole. Add some diluent to the sample well.

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