Lyophilized royal jelly 32 capsules x improves memory, immune system boosters


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  • Royal jelly is a natural dietary supplement that increases the efficiency psychophysical body, improves immunity and promotes metabolic processes.

Glucose, royal jelly freeze-dried; capsule components: gelatin, pigments - titanium dioxide, indigo carmine. Synthetically colored.

Action: The preparation belongs to the broad category of dietary supplements of natural origin, which improve the functioning of the body. Royal jelly is a rich source of beneficial nutrients, and therefore increases the efficiency psychophysical organism, stimulates natural defenses, normalizes metabolism, accelerates convalescence after illness and works in prevention of diseases of the respiratory system, digestive and cardiovascular system.

Indications: The product should be taken incidentally, to increase efficiency psychomotor, strengthen immunity, and also support the regeneration of the body after illnesses.

dosage: Use oral dose of 1-2 capsules. fasting for a period of 2-12 weeks.