MAGNESIOCARD retard 15 mmol, magnesium aspartate sachets

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MAGNESIOCARD retard 15 mmol bag w.ret.filmtabl. 30 pcs, magnesium aspartate sachets

Product MAGNESIOCARD retard 15 mmol magnesium aspartate sachets description

A lack of the vital mineral magnesium can have many causes, eg unbalanced eating habits, an increased need for magnesium (eg pregnancy, breastfeeding) or increased losses of magnesium, eg in diabetes mellitus or due to everyday stress. Due to the extensive functions of magnesium in the organism, a lack of "every nook and cranny" can make itself felt, e.g premature labor in pregnancy. 


MAGNESIOCARD retard 15 mmol magnesium aspartate sachets Ingredients

3689 mg magnesium aspartate hydrochloride trihydrate, equivalent to 365 mg magnesium per sachet.

Bag of prolonged-release film-coated tablets

Active ingredient: magnesium aspartate hydrochloride

Application areas:

Treatment of magnesium deficiencies that require therapy and do not require injections/infusions. Proven magnesium deficiency if it is the cause of muscle activity disorders (neuromuscular disorders, calf cramps).

The high-dose retard form — Magnesiocard® retard 15 mmol — enables excellent absorption of the active ingredient while at the same time being easy to take once a day. The reason: thanks to the patented retard technology, the micro-film tablets release the magnesium slowly throughout the day. Therefore: taken once a day - well cared for throughout the day!