Magnesium citrate liquid, BIOLECTRA Magnesium 300mg Liquid


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Magnesium citrate liquid, BIOLECTRA Magnesium 300mg Liquid

Biolectra ® Magnesium 300 mg Liquid, Magnesium citrate liquid

food supplement

Time for a new magnesium!

water, magnesium citrate, acid (lactic acid), carrot and pumpkin concentrate, safflower concentrate, thickener (xanthan gum), flavoring, preservative (potassium sorbate), sweeteners (cyclamate, sucralose, saccharin), color (riboflavin).

Amount of certain ingredients or classes of ingredients
300 mg per drinking bottle
80% of the reference value according to the Food

Information Regulation Net filling quantity of the food
420 ml (14)

Instructions for storage and use

Recommended Magnesium citrate liquid consumption:

Shake the contents of a bottle well and drink it up completely once a day.

Important information:
Dietary supplements Magnesium citrate liquid are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

Please keep out of the reach of small children.
Store dry at room temperature.

Due to the use of natural materials, there may be color differences.

• Highly concentrated: 300 mg of pure magnesium citrate to completely dissolve the maximum amount of magnesium in a single sip of liquid
• Ready to drink: covers your daily needs* conveniently and wherever you are
• Deliciously fruity: with orange-passion fruit flavor.

The first Liquid-Express-Magnesium from Biolectra ® for vital muscles day and night.
With Biolectra ® Magnesium 300 mg Liquid, the mineral magnesium, which is so important for your body, is already completely dissolved and in a highly concentrated form. You don't need any time for the preparation, because the product is ready to drink immediately. Biolectra® _Magnesium 300 mg Liquid is particularly suitable for people who travel a lot for work or pleasure or who are active in sports, because when traveling or doing sports you don't always have a glass of water at hand. Just one drinking bottle a day is enough to absorb the daily dose of 300 mg* magnesium recommended by the German Society for Nutrition.

Shake once a day, open up and drink - the daily supply of magnesium could hardly be easier.

Active ingredient: 300 mg magnesium

Tasks of magnesium in the organism
Magnesium contributes to a normal energy metabolism: Magnesium activates the fuel of the cells, the adenosine triphosphate - ATP for short. ATP can only unfold its power in connection with magnesium. Magnesium therefore supports all energy-dependent processes in the body, acts as a kind of spark plug in the metabolism and activates around 300 enzymes.

Magnesium also makes a contribution, among other things:
• to normal muscle function
• to normal function of the nervous system
• to reduce tiredness and exhaustion
• to maintain normal bones and teeth

Questions & Answers
How do I recognize a magnesium deficiency?
The most well-known symptoms of magnesium deficiency include muscle and calf cramps. In addition, muscle tension and muscle twitching can occur, for example in the crease of the eyelid. Tingling or even numbness in fingers and feet can also be symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

How much magnesium do I need daily?
In general, the daily magnesium requirement for adults over the age of 25 is around 300 to 350 mg. Adolescents, young adults and breastfeeding women have an increased need for magnesium. An increased intake of magnesium may also be necessary for people who are active in sports or people who are mentally stressed or do heavy physical work.

Why should I take magnesium before or after exercise?
Magnesium is important for energy metabolism and, among other things, makes a decisive contribution to normal muscle function. Valuable minerals are lost as a result of the high level of physical exertion and increased sweating during sport, which means that magnesium is increasingly excreted. In order for athletes to be able to perform at their best, the magnesium store must be full and all muscle cells must be adequately supplied.