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MAGNESIUM complex citrate 350 mg / oxide / carbon. vegan

Magnesium 3 complex 350 mg

Pack size:180 pcs Dosage form:Tablets

Magnesium 3 3-in-1 complex for 24h depot effect
Not only athletes can benefit from the use of magnesium. Probably the most versatile mineral takes on numerous functions. For your energy balance, your bones and your nervous system. You can use it - in the best Vitamaze quality.

• 350 mg elemental magnesium per tablet
• Magnesium compound from citrate, oxide and carbonate
• Mix for fast and at the same time longer-term absorption
• 180 vegan divisible tablets for 6 months of
continuous supply • Without coating (coating-free tablet), divisible and easy to mortar into powder
• Avoidance of unnecessary additives, nanoparticles and allergens.

At Vitamaze, magnesium citrate is available in the form of trimagnesium dicitrate (3: 2). A high quality magnesium compound with 16% pure magnesium. Here combined with citric acid, an endogenous binding substance that is naturally present in the organism. So it dissolves quickly in the body and offers an acute and the highest bioavailability of all compounds. In the case of magnesium carbonate, magnesium is bound to the salt of carbonic acid. With the pure magnesium content of 28%, the inorganic compound stays longer in the gastrointestinal tract. The magnesium is absorbed over a longer period of time, several hours. There is an hourly depot effect. Magnesium oxide contains the largest proportion of pure magnesium with 60%. The inorganic compound is constantly absorbed by the body for hours to days,

Advantages of the high-dose Vitamaze Magnesium³ complex
 Vegan: Made from non-animal ingredients and free of unnecessary additives.
 Best bioavailability: Without the release agent magnesium stearate (magnesium salts of fatty acids) in order to obtain the ideal effectiveness.
 Free of colorings and preservatives, genetically modified ingredients as well as pesticides, fungicides, artificial fertilizers or other pollutants.
 Suitable for allergy sufferers: the product is free from gluten, lactose and other allergens.
 Made in Germany: Quality product from Germany

MAGNESIUM complex production / manufacture
• Produced in Germany according to the official HACCP concept
• Registered with the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL)
• Unrestricted

marketability confirmed by an independent inspector Vitamaze | Amazing life
Whether fitness, health, performance or well-being - Vitamaze offers you professional products that can systematically contribute to the natural maintenance of numerous body functions.

A healthy and balanced diet is not always easy for us in everyday life. A supplement to your daily diet will help you get into your top form and thus achieve your personal goals.

Thousands of customers trust the quality of Vitamaze every year, so that today a wide range of products can be offered at an excellent price-performance ratio.

MAGNESIUM complex Ingredients
Magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, anti-caking agent: potato starch (amylogum), rice extract, filler: microcrystalline cellulose

198 g = 180 tablets

MAGNESIUM complex Instructions for use
We recommend consuming one Vitamaze Magnesium³ tablet per day with 1-2 glasses of water ( 300-400 ml). To make it easier to take, the tablet can be halved at the predetermined breaking point.

MAGNESIUM complex Warning notices / legal notices
The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Not suitable for children and young people. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, a doctor should generally be consulted before consuming food supplements. Consumers who have difficulty swallowing or who have insufficient fluid intake are at risk of suffocation.

Store unopened, cool and dry. Best before see bottom.

Vitamaze GmbH, Heiligenbergstrasse 17, 69121 Heidelberg (Germany)

Food supplements MAGNESIUM complex are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.