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magnesium-Loges ® capsules

Fast. Strong. Smart.

The unique combination of three organic magnesium salts

• Purely organic magnesium salts: Magnesium malate, bisglycinate and taurate
• Very good absorption and tolerance thanks to easily soluble magnesium salts
• Versatile application options •
Individual and flexible intake - with 100 mg magnesium per capsule
• Purely vegetable capsule shell, no unnecessary Magnesium additives

- really important
Magnesium is indispensable for the human organism. It is involved in over 300 reactions in the body and plays an important role in many metabolic processes and as a messenger substance. Magnesium assumes a key function, for example, in the context of energy metabolism and the electrolyte balance, and it makes a significant contribution to healthy muscle and nerve function.

May it be a little bit more?
On average, the human organism needs around 300 mg of magnesium per day. Under special living conditions, however, the body needs an extra portion of the mineral in order to remain fully efficient.

These include:
• Sports activity
• Increased stress
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding
• Unhealthy lifestyle (eg smoking, alcohol)
• Chronic illnesses (eg diabetes mellitus)

magnesium-Loges ® - Fast. Strong. Smart.
• Fast.
Thanks to its good solubility, organic magnesium is particularly easily absorbed compared to inorganic magnesium and is quickly available for direct use.

• Strong.
The powerhouse magnesium ensures smooth operation
of energy metabolism and supports healthy muscle function and protein formation. The bones also owe their strength to magnesium, among other things. Thanks to its versatility, magnesium also has a relaxing effect on the muscle and nervous system. The all-rounder supports regeneration and inner well-being after stressful situations.

• Smart.
Magnesium should be taken in small portions throughout the day, as the body can absorb the mineral better this way. In addition, several smaller doses are particularly good for the stomach and intestines.

Food supplements MAGNESIUM. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

MAGNESIUM Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away from children!