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Magni-Man Fertility Test for Men x 2


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The medical device Magni-Man Male fertility test is an aid in the diagnosis and observation of infertility treatment in men. The test measures the concentration of sperm in a sperm sample. The test result can be read within 5 minutes.

Included in the Magni-Man Fertility Test for Men:

Sachet with a cassette test and a dropping pipette - 2 pcs, a sample container - 2 pcs, a container with a dropper with a staining solution - 1 pcs, a container with a dropper with a rinsing solution - 1 pcs, a sample rack - 1 pcs, a card with the test procedure - 1 pc., Instructions for use.

How the Magni-Man Male Fertility Test works:

Magni-Man Test The male fertility test is a medical device that allows the determination of sperm concentration in a sperm sample. The product can be used as a support in the diagnosis and observation of infertility treatment in men. The test allows to determine the sperm content in semen in relation to the cut-off values, if the result is lower than the test level of 15 million / ml, it may indicate oligozoospermia as well as a factor of male infertility.

Fertility Test for Men Application:
Medical device Magni-Man Male fertility test intended for use in the control of male fertility and semen analysis. The test supports the diagnosis and monitoring of male infertility treatment.

Fertility Test for Men Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children, at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light.

How to use the Magni-Man Male Fertility Test:

Read the instructions for use before use. The product should be used as intended. The semen sample should be collected by manual stimulation directly into the container provided. It is best to test 2-7 days after the last ejaculation. The semen sample must be incubated for 15 minutes in the container. This time is needed for the sample to liquefy, allowing the test to be carried out. Condoms should not be used to collect a semen sample. Do not use a sample taken more than 12 hours before the start of the test. The semen sample should be placed in the appropriate window on the test, then the staining reagent is added, and then the washing reagent. Read the result within two minutes.