Makeup mirror, vanity mirror, BEURER Cosmetic mirror with LED BS 99


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  • Makeup mirror, vanity mirror. Do you complain that my husband does not want to install decent lighting in the bathroom? Take matters into your own hands and make a present in the form of a cosmetic mirror standing with the LED Beurer BS 99 backlight.

Standing cosmetic mirror Beurer BS 99 can be placed anywhere - in the bathroom, in the hallway or in the bedroom, where only you will be comfortable. The mirror has a unique appearance with a chrome surface, so it will be a decoration of any space. The shape of the mirror pane is square, and its concave surface, it is possible to adjust the inclination. The mirror provides up to fivefold magnification, thanks to which you will see the smallest details of your face's skin. This magnification will be useful for all care performed at home, eg when adjusting the eyebrows. In addition, the mirror is illuminated, bright LEDs ensure the light. The product has a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Technical data:
Light: 36 LEDs;
brightness levels: 3;
dimensions of the mirror surface: 16 x 16cm;
Power supply: mains (power supply included) and battery.

Warranty: 3 years.