MALTOCAL 19 maltodextrin (maltodextrine) VEGAN powder

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MALTOCAL 19 maltodextrin (maltodextrine) VEGAN powder

MaltoCal19 is an easily soluble powdered glucose saccharide mixture – also known as maltodextrin.
MaltoCal19 is suitable from birth - with no age restrictions. MaltoCal19 has a high supply of energy in the form of readily available carbohydrates.

MALTOCAL 19 VEGAN maltodextrin (maltodextrine) powder is

> low osmotically effective
> without thickening or swelling effect, ie neither volume nor consistency of food and drinks are changed
> purely vegetable, since it is made from corn starch (GMO-free), vegan
> gluten-free
> fructose-free, lactose-free, galactose-free, sucrose-free and protein-free
> free of fiber
> strictly low in sodium and electrolytes
> odorless and almost tasteless 
> only slightly sweetening - from 30 g per 100 g food/drink  
> stable in cooking and baking
> very well tolerated even in high concentrations
> easily soluble in drinks, pudding, muesli, Porridge, pureed foods, soups and sauces
> suitable for tube feedings - do not use parenterally. Application examples in dietetics
> Energy
-enriched diets > Carbohydrate substitution
> Elementary diets
> Liquid food
and tube feeding > Low-protein and/or electrolyte-defined diets.


dosage VEGAN MALTOCAL 19 maltodextrin (maltodextrine) powder and application

 A diet plan should determine the daily amount of MaltoCal19 taking into account the individual energy needs of the person concerned. Ideally, the daily amount is divided into several individual portions.


VEGAN MALTOCAL 19 maltodextrin (maltodextrine) powder preparation

  • Fortification of food and drinks
    MaltoCal19 dissolves excellently in hot and cold food and drinks.
    MaltoCal19 is simply added to food, eg pureed food, soups, sauces and desserts, as well as drinks.
    A prior mixing is not necessary.Sprinkle - stir or mix - done!
    Example: Use approx. 20 g MaltoCal19 for 200 ml drink or 150 g compote, mashed potatoes or vegetable puree.
    Food and drinks should always be freshly fortified with MaltoCal19.

MALTOCAL 19 VEGAN maltodextrin (maltodextrine) powder  can be prepared in many variations and is also suitable for cooking and baking.
In our recipes you will find numerous different ideas and suggestions.
The recipe booklet "Delicious with MaltoCal6 & MaltoCal19" can be ordered free of charge with the product.

Important note:
Dietary food for special medical purposes (supplementary balanced diet). Use only under medical supervision. Keep out of reach of children. Not a complete food and not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.