Mam baby bottles, LOVI Multifunctional silicone bottle BPA 0% 120ml 10/831


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  • Mam baby bottles. The multifunctional bottle is made of silicone, thanks to which it enables convenient feeding. Just gently squeeze the bottle, and the right portion of food flows directly onto the spoon.

The properties of silicone make the bottle has many practical applications:

* bottle for feeding with a spoon (4m +)
* unbreakable container for food (0m +)
* container for multiple storage and freezing of food (0m +)
* soft bottle with a dynamic teat Lovi for feeding under the care of an adult (0-4m)

Set contains:

  • Lovi silicone bottle
  • spoon with a soft tip
  • flexible sealing disk
  • nut
  • kapsel / (cup with measuring tape)
  • brush