MAMA NATURA Insectolin Gel 20 ml

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Insectolin ® Gel

Naturally there when it stings!

MAMA NATURA Insectolin Gel
Insectolin Gel with herbal ingredients cares for and soothes irritated, reddened and itchy skin after insect bites. With high-quality jojoba oil and other plant-based ingredients, Insectolin Gel with its cooling effect quickly provides relief. The gel is quickly absorbed and helps reduce swelling, redness and itching.

The skin tolerance is dermatologically tested. The gel is free of colorings and preservatives and gives off a pleasant scent.

Insectolin can be used from birth and in adults, including pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A product test by the online community netmoms with 100 testers confirms:

Insectolin keeps what it promises, 91% of the testers like it because it cools irritated and reddened areas of skin after insect bites, soothes and is quickly absorbed.