MANTI FRESH Rubber Functional taste of peppermint x 10 pieces, bloating after eating

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  • MANTI FRESH functional rubber mint flavor more effectively breath freshener, but also neutralized the gastric juices, which helps to alleviate include heartburn or bloating.

based on the recommended daily allowance of the day - two rubber include sweeteners isomalt, the gum base, calcium carbonate (calcium 200 mg, 25% RDI), magnesium hydroxide (magnesium 122 mg, 32.5% RDA) , flavor: menthol, peppermint (Mentha piperita L., Mentha arvensis L.) 9.5 mg sweetener sucralose, a colorant, titanium dioxide, 3.6 mg of spirulina concentrate, the antioxidant BHT. RDA - Recommended Daily Intake.

MANTI FRESH takes the form of a two-layer rubber functional with mint flavor. The first layer is responsible for the release of neutralizing the pH of gastric juices, calcium and magnesium. Thanks to relieve digestive problems associated with excessive acidity and brings relief, among others, in the case of heartburn. The second layer is peppermint oil, which guarantees fresh breath. MANTI FRESH Rubber is a functional product belongs to the broad category of dietary supplements.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation

Use temporarily in case of gastrointestinal symptoms associated with gastric hyperacidity, for example. Heartburn, bloating.

How to use:
Apply orally chewing. For adults, it is recommended to use rubber 2 / 24h. Do not swallow!