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Manual breast pump Lakta Mila LRM-4 x 1 piece


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  • Manual breast pump. When buying equipment that have contact with food, you must always choose products that are free of Bisphenol A. The manual breast pump Lakta LRM-4 has been thoroughly tested, meets all standards, is safe for both mother and child.

Manual breast pump Lakta Mila LRM-4 Included:
Breast pump, bottle adapter, base, silicone funnel on the funnel, bottle 140ml, bottle accessories: silicone pacifier size M (medium flow), cap, sealing disc, lid.

Manual breast pump Lakta Mila LRM-4 Action:
In situations where mother is unable to breastfeed, she is forced to express her milk. The simplest method is to use the Lakta-LRM manual breast pump. It is very delicate, removing food is painless. Special soft, silicone cover easily adjusts to the shape of the breast. You do not need great strength to use it, the process runs smoothly and quietly, the manual pump allows you to control the whole operation. The kit includes many practical accessories, including among others adapter for a wide-open bottle and a bottle with a capacity of 140ml, which facilitates the storage of milk (in a refrigerator up to 24 hours, in a freezer at 16 ° C for up to 6 months).

Application: The Lakta Mila LRM-4 manual breast pump is recommended for everyday expressing.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. Meets EU standards. It does not contain BPA.

Directions for use: A detailed description of the use on the packaging. Always remember to thoroughly wash the breast pump.