Marjoram essential oil 5ml

Essential Care

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  • Marjoram essential oil. Essential Care Essential Oil Essential Care is an aromatherapy product that has a relaxing effect on the body and mind and has a respiratory effect on breathing problems. The oil has a certificate of botanical origin.

Marjoram essential oil.

Essential Care Essential Oil from Marjoram, has a certificate of botanical origin and is classified as a therapeutic oil. Marjoram oil has calming properties and helps in the treatment of insomnia and stress. In addition, it also has inhalation properties for breathing problems and for colds. The product has not been tested on animals and is Vegan certified.

Essential Care essential oil from marjoram has a deeply relaxing effect both for the mind and the body. It is also perfect for breathing, massage and bathing problems with muscle pain and injuries.

All oils are in dark glass bottles with a dropper. If in doubt about the use of oils, contact a qualified aromatherapist.