MASTODYNON x 120 tab. period symptoms, heavy periods


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MASTODYNON x 120 tab. period symptoms, heavy periods

  • MASTODYNON, this medicinal product is recommended for use with menstrual cycle disturbances and the premenstrual syndrome and accompanying symptoms: breast tenderness, emotional disturbances, swelling, headaches.


MASTODYNON period symptoms, heavy periods Composition:

1 tablet MASTODYNON contains: Vitex agnus - castus (162 mg), Caulophyllum thalictroides D4 (81 mg), Cyclamen purpurascens D4 (81 mg), Strychnos Ignatii D6 (81 mg), Iris versicolor D2 (162 mg), Lilium lancifolium D3 (81 mg).


MASTODYNON period symptoms, heavy periods Action:


Mostodynon, a blend of natural ingredients in the form of tablets for systemic effect clinically confirmed. The product is used additionally in premenstrual syndrome, popularly known as PMS and the occurrence of such ailments as breast tenderness - that is, breast tenderness, emotional imbalance, edema. Aligns the imbalance between the hormones.The formulation has dopaminergic activity-lowering hormone prolactin, excess of which the body can lead to problems with the pregnancy. The drug can also be taken during menstruation, and treatment can begin at any day of the cycle.

Directions: Adult women, orally 1 tablet twice a day. Mastodynon drug must be taken for at least 2 - 3 months - also during menstruation.

Contraindications: The drug should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.