MASTU ointment 30g. For use on hemorrhoids

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Mastu ® ointment

Mastu ® ointment For use on hemorrhoids.

Everyone knows them, nobody wants them. Hemorrhoids are relatively common and have long since ceased to be a taboo disease. The nodular widenings of blood vessels at the anus, i.e. in the anus area, are called hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can develop as a result of local infections, mechanical stress, e.g. B. develop through strong pressure during bowel movements, during pregnancy, due to a weak connective tissue or through a predominantly sedentary activity.

Hemorrhoids don't always cause problems. However, they can cause irritation, itching, burning, oozing or small bleeding in the area of ​​the anus, which can impair defecation.

The pharmacy-exclusive medical product Mastu ointment relieves symptoms such as irritation, itching, burning and oozing, which often occur in connection with hemorrhoids, and promotes wound healing in the affected areas.

Mastu ointment contains a practical ointment applicator, which makes it easier to apply the ointment, especially in the anus, and ensures that the ointment is optimally distributed.

Good reasons for Mastu ointment

• Relieves irritation, itching, burning and oozing, promotes wound healing
• With an ointment applicator for easy application