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  • Matcha Green Tea. Swanson health. An unusual tea with unique properties, is a real antioxidant bomb. Matcha Tea Company Swanson created from high quality certified organic green tea leaves.

Certified Organic Matcha green tea in the form of powdered leaves.

Company Swanson offers high quality Matcha Green Tea. Developed selected with the utmost care of fresh, young green tea leaves, originating from 100% organic certified crops. By using the highest quality Matcha tea leaves have a delicate taste and yellowish color.In terms of the content of nutrients and substances with an antioxidant (catechins) Matcha green tea is much higher than the most popular with tea - black. Matcha Green Tea is characterized by the fact that it is very finely ground, so often used in the kitchen for baking and cooking.

Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea is a product for everyday consumption.Gently soothes and provides the body with large amounts of antioxidants.

Additional information:
Store in a dry, cool place.

The best mix one scoop of tea (2.5g) with 500ml of hot water, then stir. Matcha Green Tea can also be used for preparation of soups, baked goods, desserts or cocktails.