Matopat Transparent set of patches x 20 pieces


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Matopat Transparent set of patches - thanks to the transparent backing, the patches are almost imperceptible on the skin. They are an excellent barrier and protection for small injuries in places such as the skin of the face or hands.

Set of patches Composition: The kit contains 20 plasters in 5 sizes: 25mm x 76mm 4 pcs, 9mm x 38mm 4 pcs, 19mm x 76mm 6 pcs, 15mm x 58mm 4 pcs, diameter 22mm 2 pcs.

Set of patches Action:
Matopat Transparent set of patches has a transparent base, which significantly reduces their visibility. They give the effect of an "invisible patch", so they are ideal for use in places such as: face, neck, hands. The dressing blocks the flow of blood and protects damaged skin from the penetration of impurities (which could result in various types of infections). The package contains 20 patches of various sizes. Thanks to this, they can be easily adapted to the size and shape of the wound. The patches do not move and stick well to the skin.

Set of patches Indications: The patches are intended for use with scratches and skin damage of a superficial nature, occurring on the body in the most visible places (e.g. face, hands). Recommended for home medicine kits for the whole family.

Set of patches Usage:
Apply externally. After thorough cleaning (disinfection) and drying the wound, stick an appropriate size patch. Use as needed. After use, the patch should be discarded (single-use product).