MAXULG cream | keratinized epidermis 75g


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  • Cream for rough, rough, dry and cracked skin on heels, hands and elbows. An effective proven cream recipe
  • Maxulg guarantees quick improvement and relief. Maxulg in visible and durable
  • the method also reduces skin cracks.
Cream for DRAINING, ROUGH, DRY and SOLD skin on FIVE, HANDS and ELBOWS. The effective proven formula of the Maxulg cream guarantees quick improvement and relief. Maxulg also reduces visible impressions and cracks on the skin visibly and permanently.

Virgil's Witch Extract - smoothes the cracked skin

Tea tree oil - oils and nourishes the skin,

Urea - makes the skin smooth and firm.

Extract from witch hazel - reduces fragility of the capillaries and regulates skin circulation, smoothes out cracked skin activating the skin tissue The Wormillia Haze Extract is one of the plant extracts necessary for the proper protection of delicate skin

It is obtained mainly from the top branches of the plant Melaleuca alternifonia Cheel (Myrtaceae), commonly called the tea tree. It contains over 90 germicidal compounds: mono- and sexviterpenes, turpentine alcohols. It has antiseptic activity. Tea tree oil is called "intelligent" oil, because by eliminating pathogenic microbes, it does not harm the friendly bacterial flora of the skin. It has very strong disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and accelerating wound healing properties, it does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies. It easily penetrates the outer skin layer and stays in it deeply for up to 3 weeks. It limits the formation of new efflorescence by normalizing the work of sebaceous glands. It moisturises and disinfects the feet 'skin, penetrates deeply and thanks to its intensive action,

Softens the keratin of the stratum corneum,
softens the skin . Has antipruritic effects. It is hygroscopic that attracts water and does not allow it to evaporate, thanks to which it works intensely moisturizing. Urea causes the skin to be smooth and firm.