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Med2000 C1 AirBox inhaler x 1 piece


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The original Italian C1 AirBox nebulizer is a reliable and extremely efficient inhalation equipment for the whole family. The great advantage of the C1 AirBox is the fast inhalation rate and the relatively quiet operation system. Includes AndyFlow multi-tab nebulizer.

Product characteristics:
Container capacity - 6ml
Maximum flow - 14l / min
Maximum flow through the container - 6l / min Maximum
pressure - 1.9 bar
Pressure in the container - 0.78 bar
Volume 50dBa from a distance of 50cm
Particle size MMAD: minimum 2.6 µm - maximum 4.4 µm (possibility to change the particle size!)

Nebulization rate: variable depending on the tip used from 0.33 ml / min to 0.56 ml / min
FPF% on tip C is 90%

The kit includes:
compressor C1 AirBox
ANDY FLOW nebulizer with caps: A, B, C
mask for children
mask for adults
instruction manual in Polish with a warranty card (warranty 36 months)

Do you have doubts about how to choose the right inhaler and how should good quality nebulization equipment be characterized? Among the many models available on the Polish market, the Med2000 C1 AirBox model, which has a special piston engine (brand patent) and is a device with high performance, deserves a special mention. An additional advantage of the Med2000 C1 AirBox inhaler is its quiet operation system - it works much quieter than public inhalers, which is especially important when treating children. Together with the purchase of the C1 AirBox nebulizer, you will receive an innovative, patented AndyFlow atomizer with 3 overlays, which ensures adequate fragmentation of the administered drug (especially important in the treatment of asthma).

Overlay A : upper respiratory therapy.
Overlay B : tracheobronchial diseases.
Overlay C : lower respiratory tract diseases.