MEDIGEL wound cleansing with spray cleanser 50 ml

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MediGel ® WOUND CLEANING SPRAY, alcohol-free solution based on surfactants, 50 ml
Pain-free wound cleaning without burning - for all wounds in everyday life

MEDIGEL wound cleansing with spray cleanser:

  • Pain-free wound cleaning without burning - for all wounds in everyday life (e.g. abrasions, cuts or lacerations)
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Optimizes the wound environment using zinc and iron ions - this promotes wound healing
  • Alcohol-free, colorless and odorless, particularly skin-friendly (without skin-irritating substances)
  • Suitable for the whole family.

MEDIGEL wound cleansing with spray cleanser unique, patented solution based on surfactants has excellent cleaning performance on the wound surface and thus prevents infections - without alcohol, without burning!

In addition, the zinc and iron ions contained ensure a pH-optimized moist wound environment, so that wound healing is stimulated as part of the wound cleaning process.

The colorless and odorless solution is particularly skin-friendly and suitable for the whole family.

MediGel ® WOUND CLEANING SPRAY: Your advantages

  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Painless application - without burning
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Optimizes the wound environment
  • Particularly skin-friendly - also suitable for sensitive skin
  • Cools and relieves pain
  • Colorless and odorless
  • Does not stick
  • Practical for on the go
  • The 360 ​​° spray head reaches every point
  • Suitable for the whole family

MediGel ® WOUND CLEANING SPRAY: Areas of application
For typical acute wounds in everyday life, MediGel WOUND CLEANING SPRAY enables thorough and gentle cleaning. Foreign bodies, dirt and microorganisms are effectively removed.

The areas of application of MediGel WOUND CLEANING SPRAY include, for example, abrasions, cuts, scratches, lacerations, lacerations, cuts and bite wounds. Important: Due to the high risk of infection with bite wounds, always consult a doctor for initial treatment.

MediGel WOUND CLEANING SPRAY can also be used on chronic wounds to thoroughly remove wound secretions, dead tissue and biofilms and to activate the natural healing process.

This is how MediGel ® worksWOUND
CLEANING SPRAY MediGel WOUND CLEANING SPRAY impresses with its unique patented formulation. The effective and very well tolerated surfactant "Cocamidopropyl Betaine" is decisive for thorough wound cleaning. Betaines literally attract impurities from the wound and thus enable particularly thorough wound cleaning. With a dosage of 0.3% betaine, MediGel WOUND CLEANING SPRAY has excellent cleaning performance.

In addition, zinc and iron ions ensure a pH-optimized wound environment, which in turn benefits wound healing.

MediGel WOUND CLEANING SPRAY can be sprayed onto the wound immediately after the injury. Then MediGel WOUND CLEANING SPRAY should ideally be removed by wiping using commercially available sterile gauze compresses (mechanical cleaning). Rinsing is not necessary.

The application to loosen adherent bandages or incrustations should be carried out as follows: commercially available dressings and wound dressings (e.g. compresses, gauze) sufficiently moisten with MediGel WOUND CLEANING SPRAY and apply to the wound for approx. 10-15 minutes. After the soaking phase, incrustations and adherent dressings can be loosened.

MEDIGEL wound cleansing with spray cleanser Tip:
With MediGel WOUND CLEANING SPRAY, the wound is optimally prepared for further wound treatment with the hydroactive lipogel MediGel FAST WOUND HEALING. It's good to have MediGel at home!

The MediGel wound concept - This is how wound healing works today.