MEDISPIRANT Antyprespirant roll-on, very effective antiperspirant


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MEDISPIRANT Antyprespirant roll-on 50ml very effective antiperspirant

  • Medispirant, is gentle to the body, yet very effective antiperspirant in the form of roll-on, which eliminates the problem of excessive sweating. The special formulation of the product, makes non-irritant and does not contain fragrances.

Medyspirant Antiperspirant, in a convenient form of roll-on, it is extremely effective, providing safety and comfort of a formulation which eliminates the problem of excessive sweating. Medispirant comprises a specially selected, causing no irritation ingredients - which makes an antiperspirant may also be used by people with sensitive skin types. The measure does not contain fragrances.

Application: Medispirant antiperspirant roll-on, is recommended for people confronted with the problem of excessive sweating.

How to use: Do not use the preparation Medispirant on damaged and irritated skin. Usage according to the instructions on the packaging.