MEDISPIRANT gel for feet and hands 50ml, foot care products


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  • MEDISPIRANT this antiperspirant gel for hands and feet, which works limited to perspiration and keeps you feeling fresh and dry.Also exhibits anti-bacterial properties.

Aqua, aluminum chlorohydrate, glycerin, aluminum lactate, methylpropanediol, Phenoxyethanol / ethylh exylg lyceri n, hydroxy-ethylcellulose, citric acid / silver citrate, the Allies.

Gel for the feet and hands is characterized antiperspirant composition responsible for regulating the work of sweat glands. Its use reduces sweating and maintaining the skin on the feet and hands, fresh and dry. It enables the skin to breathe freely. It prevents the appearance of unpleasant smell, so that it destroys the bacteria responsible for their development. Prevents irritation and soothes.

The product is recommended in order to reduce perspiration and keep the skin fresh feet.

Apply on the skin of the feet and hands after being cleaned and dried. For the first 2-5 days of daily use, then limit the application to 1-2 times a week.