MEGAMAX soy protein, L-methionine, taurine powder

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MEGAMAX soy protein chocolate plus L-methionine and taurine powder

MEGAMAX soy protein isolate is purely plant-based, vegan and lactose-free. MEGAMAX Soy Protein contains soy protein isolate from non-genetically modified soy plants (GMO-free). The amino acid L-methionine optimizes the biological value.

Ingredients MEGAMAX soy protein, L-methionine, taurine powder and product properties:

Vegan protein - purely vegetable protein
enriched with L-methionine and taurine
Biological value 100
lactose- and gluten-free
low carb - only 2.2% carbohydrates
Made in Germany, soy protein free of genetic engineering
Pack size: 400 g - corresponding to 13 portions 30 g
Flavors: vanilla, chocolate, neutral

MEGAMAX soy protein, L-methionine, taurine powder:

Protein consists of amino acids and is the body's most important building material. Muscles, connective tissue, supporting tissue, enzymes, hormones, antibodies, etc. consist to a large extent of protein. The proteins contained in MEGAMAX Soy Protein support the increase and maintenance of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones. v
The biological value of vegetable proteins is lower than that of animal proteins because not all of the amino acids that humans need are present in a balanced ratio. The essential amino acid L-methionine is hardly present in many legumes, including soybeans. However, L-methionine plays an important role in numerous metabolic processes. Since the human organism cannot produce this amino acid itself, it has to be supplied with food. For this reason we have added a balanced amount of L-methionine to the MEGAMAX soy protein. This results in a similar amino acid profile as in the whole egg and thus an equally high biological value of 100.

Due to the manufacturing process, soy protein isolate does not contain any phytoestrogens or other unwanted substances. MEGAMAX soy protein therefore has no negative effects on the hormonal balance, especially not on the testosterone level.

The importance of taurine From

a chemical point of view, taurine is an amino sulfonic acid (2-aminoethane sulfonic acid). Since taurine fulfills a variety of functions in cell development - similar to amino acids, it is often equated with amino acids. Taurine has antioxidant and cell-protecting properties and is found primarily in the muscles, liver, brain and eyes - particularly in the retina, the retina of the eye, where the incoming light is converted into electrical impulses. Taurine is of particular importance in the visual function of the eye.

Good sources of taurine are meat—especially “white” poultry, fish, and other seafood. Taurine is practically non-existent in plant foods. Therefore, vegetarians and especially vegans can have an undersupply of taurine. Taurine is of great importance in brain development. This applies to the embryo as well as to the formation of neurons in the adult. The highest concentration of taurine is in the retina of the eye. Taurine is essential for the normal development of the retina. In the liver, taurine is involved in the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids.

Taurine has no caffeine-like or stimulating effect!

MEGAMAX soy protein, L-methionine, taurine powder Use:
Stir two tablespoons (approx. 30 g) into 300 ml water or soy milk and shake vigorously with the MEGAMAX shaker for approx. 30 seconds. Drink preferably between meals and after exercise, or as part of a calorie-restricted diet plan. Eat a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Storage: Store cool (6 - 25 °C), dry, protected from sunlight and out of the reach of children.
Content: 400 g powder.
Flavors: vanilla, chocolate and neutral.
Pack sizes: 400 g, 750 g, 5 kg

The MEGAMAX quality and guarantee promise - for over 20 years
MEGAMAX products meet the highest quality standards in terms of design, sustainability, raw material selection, bioavailability and processing through

MEGAMAX soy protein, L-methionine, taurine powder:

✔ Manufacture in Germany
✔ from the best raw materials
✔ in the most modern production facilities according to GMP (= Good Manufacturing Practice)
✔ permanent quality controls according to the HACCP safety
concept ✔ with the quality certification DIN ISO 9001 :2000 and IFS (International Food Standard).