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MEGAMAX soy protein vanilla VEGAN

Good sources of taurine are meat - especially “white” poultry, fish and other seafood. Taurine is practically non-existent in plant foods. That is why vegetarians and especially vegans not only have an undersupply of vitamins B12 and vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and L-carnitine, but also taurine. Any malnutrition with certain nutrients leads to health impairments and malfunctions in the long term. Therefore, a dietary supplement with taurine and L-carnitine is particularly useful for vegans and vegetarians.

Application soy protein vanilla powder Notes
With regard to a health-oriented diet, the consumption of this purely vegetable protein powder is only part of a varied and balanced diet or, as part of a varied and balanced diet, only one aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It must not be taken excessively or contrary to sensible eating habits.

Consumption soy protein recommendation
To prepare a shake from MEGAMAX soy protein, mix two heaped tablespoons (about 30 g) of the powder with 300 ml soy milk, skimmed milk or water. You can use a mixing cup for this, for example. Drink the shake between meals or directly after exercise. Since the MEGAMAX protein supplement contains only 1.8% carbohydrates, you can use it to supplement a ketogenic diet or even a low-carb diet with additional protein.

Contains soy.

Soy protein Storage:
cool and dry