MELIPUL reusable medication dispenser XL-8

Helmut Schwarz GmbH

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MELIPUL reusable medication dispenser XL-8

pack size: pc

Dispenser box white, 7 reusable dispensers white, made of PC, each with 8 compartments and sliding lid (for Parkinson's patients) - compact and very handy - large compartments with enough space for medication - dispensers can be refilled safely and easily, individual tablets easily refilled removed - large lettering and different colored markings for the times of day - durable, made of sturdy plastic - hygienic cleaning in the dishwasher Dimensions: W 235 x H 136 x D 85 mm

MELIPUL reusable medication dispenser XL-8:

The clear and safe organizational aid when the medication is being prepared for 1 week. 7 dispensers are stacked in the polystyrene (PS) dispenser box. The current day of the week is taken from the lower opening, and the past day is sorted into the upper one. The stable, compact dispenser made of high-quality plastic (PC) with 8 compartments enables people suffering from Parkinson's disease or patients with rhythm medication to take the medication at regular intervals. Colored marking of the times of day and the additional labeling of the times ensure a secure intake. Waterproof blue pen included. The crystal-clear sliding lid with the imprint of the day of the week snaps securely into place with the lower part, making it impossible to slide it open unintentionally.