Melissa leaves, melissae folium, Melisa fix Nature only x 30 sachets

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  • Melissa leaves, melissae folium. Melissa is a popular natural remedy. The infusion of lemon balm leaves contains essential oils that relieve the symptoms of nerve stimulation, as well as solve the difficulties of falling asleep. Also helpful in digestive problems.

Melissa leaf (Folium Melissae) - 100%

Traditionally in herbal medicine, lemon balm is used to soothe mild nervous tension. It is good to have Melisa herbs at hand. Only Nature in stressful situations, in irritable conditions, in the group of chronic fatigue, in anxiety or in the case of vegetative neuroses. The calming effects of lemon balm are guaranteed by essential oils, such as cariophilene or citral. Melisa helps you fall asleep and provides a healthy sleep. Melissa has the properties that increase the production of gastric juice and bile, which improves digestion, so it is recommended to drink tea from lemon balm after a heavy meal.

Lemon balm tea recommended in states of nervous exasperation to calm down and facilitate falling asleep. Also helpful in digestive problems and in women in the case of painful menstruation.

Additional information:
Store the packaging in a dry place inaccessible to children, at a temperature below 25 ° C.

Directions for use:
Put a sachet into the cup and pour boiling water. It's best to brew the tea under the cover for about 5-6 minutes. One mug of tea can be obtained from one sachet.