MEMOENERGIA x 60 tablets, memory loss


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  • Memory loss. Memoenergia, the preparation, the innovative composition has a beneficial effect on memory and concentration. In addition, regular supplementation of the organism preparation Memoenergia also affects the improvement of physical activity and removes the feeling of fatigue.

Lecithin (100%), maca, green shoots of the young oats, herb rosemary and magnesium. Action: Memoenergia, is a modern dietary supplement, whose composition is lecithin, which protects the myelin of brain cells, maca - improves concentration, green the young shoots of oats, which have a nourishing, regenerating and relaxation and herb rosemary, increasing blood flow in the vessels of the brain. The formula Memoenergia, we also find magnesium, which is extremely valuable for the efficient functioning of the nervous system. All these elements combined in the middle Memoenergia, positive influence on the behavior of mental performance and physical and mental processes and enhance concentration. Application: Memoenergia, a dietary supplement, dedicated to people sentient fatigue and have trouble concentrating and impaired memory. Dosage: 1-2 tablets a day with some water.