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  • Memoenergy is a product whose innovative composition is beneficial to memory and concentration. In addition, regular supplementation with Memoenergia also improves physical activity and suppresses fatigue.

lecithin (100%), maca, green shoots of young oats, rosemary herb, magnesium.

Memoenergia is a modern dietary supplement, which contains lecithin, which protects myelin sheaths of brain cells, maca - improving concentration, green shoots of young oats, nourishing, regenerating and relaxing, and herb rosemary, increasing blood flow in vessels brain. In the formula Memoenergia, we also find magnesium, which is extremely valuable for the efficient functioning of the nervous system. All of these elements, combined in Memoenergia, favor the retention of mental and physical abilities and increase mental processes and concentration.

Memoenergy is a dietary supplement dedicated to people suffering from fatigue and has a weakened concentration and memory problems.

1-2 tablets daily, abundantly with water.