MEMOLOGES capsules 120 pcs for memory and concentration

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memoLoges ®
support for memory and concentration
Traditional plants innovatively combined

  • Indian Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri): Proven plant from Ayurveda to support the ability to concentrate
  • Greek verbena (Sideritis scardica): A household remedy that has been valued since ancient times and promotes learning
  • Neuroactive B vitamins and zinc: Excellent supplement for energy metabolism and cognitive functions

Does that sound familiar to you?
You go into a room to do something and no sooner have you stepped over the doorstep than you can’t remember. Even the classic of the untraceable keys or the constant search for glasses are everyday annoyances.

Naturally, mental performance decreases with increasing age. But even younger people, who are highly challenged in their job, often find it difficult to remember things and to stick to one thing mentally. This is not surprising, because from the mid-twenties, the memory performance decreases continuously. Schoolchildren and students are also familiar with the problem: especially during the examination phase, the ability to concentrate and remember leaves something to be desired. Stress and lack of sleep also promote this process and lead to a noticeable deterioration in cognitive performance.

But what can you do to maintain your mental performance as far as possible into old age?

Help your head on the jumps, for memory and concentration
The basis for mental performance is sufficient exercise and a balanced diet. So make sure you integrate regular sports units into your calendar and make sure you eat fresh, varied food. In addition, targeted dietary supplements can be useful. memoLoges contains selected B vitamins and zinc and thus ensures an adequate supply of these neuroactive nutrients. What makes the preparation unique, however, is the combination of valuable plant substances.

MEMOLOGES Tradition from India and Greece
The figwort plant Brahmi has been known in Indian Ayurveda for centuries. The leaves of the plant are gently dried, then ground and used as an extract preparation. The Greek verbena has been used since ancient times. In Greece, mountain farmers have always enjoyed it as a traditional tea preparation. It is considered a tried and tested and popular home remedy. Only memoLoges contains a special combination of high-quality extract preparations from these two valuable plants.

MEMOLOGES for memory and concentration, dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.