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MENALIND Massage Gel 200ml


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  • MENALIND massage gel exhibits properties reinforcing skin and muscle. Restores their vitality. Regenerates tired and strained as a result of constant lying muscles of the arms, neck, forearms and legs.

panthenol, almond oil, keratin

MENALIND gel massage is one of the cosmetics intended for long-term and intensive care of dry skin or mature. It helps to neutralize odors. It is characterized by natural skin pH of 5.5. In this way supports the defense mechanism of the skin. It contains panthenol, which ensures proper hydration (even for very dry skin). Intensely nourishes and cherishes. Sweet almond oil supplements lipid levels of the skin and moisturizes. Creatine stimulates energy metabolism of the skin. MENALIND Gel regenerates and massage? Relieves tense muscles while lying down for a long time. Alleviates and reduces their connection. It is characterized by the properties of reinforcing and improving vitality. It acts as a stimulant and energizing.

- allergic to a product constituent substances
- treatment of children
- use on damaged skin

It is recommended to use the product for massage and rub in the neck, shoulders, arms and legs in the long-term resident in the supine position. Gel is recommended for care of dry and mature skin.

used topically. Spread a small amount of gel on the skin of the neck, shoulders, forearms or legs, then gently massage.